No Bull Marketing Club

Accessible, Practical , No BS Marketing Support

Hi!  We're Crystal & Amy

We are two marketers who are committed to saving you from all of the BS that the "gurus" out there are teaching.  

If you aren't ready to outsource this part of your business, there is nothing better than having a marketing biz bestie in your back pocket. We will give you all the know-how and none of the fluff!

If you are finding it difficult to...

Figure out what the heck you need to say to get your audience's attention

Turn on your magnet to attract your ideal client

Feel confident enough to let your freak flag fly

Figure out what actions you need to take daily to move the needle on your biz

Turn leads into customers without being a salesy weirdo

Club Overview

What kind of a club would we be if we didn't get together and help each other out?  We are definitely not about the BS, so we are going to meet 4 times a month to make sure you are supported and don't get hung up in your own BS or in any of the BS that is so frequently shared online. Every month you will have access to: 

🔥 A Training Call
🔥 A Q&A Call
🔥 A Planning & Implementation Call
🔥An Evening Networking Call 

Although there is a lot that goes into your marketing strategy, one thing that we know for sure is that you need to show up on your socials consistently.  We make this easy by sending a new prompt to your messenger inbox every day.  If you follow the prompts, you will be using our proven social media networking strategy from day 1 in the club

Want an example? Click Here

The best thing about joining a club is the connections that you make. Our No BS Community is fantastic!  Inside of our group, you can share what you do, network with other members, get advice, celebrate your wins, and ask for help when things aren't going exactly as planned.  

The best part is that all of the members are just like you.... people who are building their businesses and don't want to have to sort through all the BS to find likeminded business owners to collaborate with. 

Quit throwing spaghetti at the wall!  

Inside the No Bull Marketing Club we will show you how to market your biz in a fresh and fun way that feels right to YOU!

Featured Podcasts


Crystal Tosh and Amy Hartmann, two badass business owners serve up one steaming pile of bullshit a week so you don’t fall face first into it.


Laura Rike shares how business owners can grow PROFITABLY and SUSTAINABLY so they can be found first without tantrums over tech and trading sleep for success.


In the first season of Who Killed, Karen and Crystal Tosh investigate the mysterious murder of Anna Mae Tosh in the tiny town of Dycusburg, KY. She died in a house fire and her death was ruled an accident, but there is definitely more to this story.

  • Monthly Marketing Workshop. Each month we will cover a different aspect of marketing so you can take your business to the next level [$97 value]

  • Monthly Talk It Out Call. Get your questions answered, talk through an idea, or get our eyes on your content. [ $97 value]

  • Monthly Planning & Implementation Call. Don't get stuck in analysis paralysis. Let's actually get your content for the month planned and done! [$97 value]

  • Monthly BYOB Networking Meeting. Join us for our monthly BYOB (Bring your own BS Call to network with the other members. [$97 value]

  • Daily Social Media Prompts. Everyday we deliver fresh social media prompts to your inbox. They don't suck and they get tons of engagement! [$50/mo value]

  • No BS Community. Inside of our No BS Group you can ask questions, hang out with your No BS Besties and even post about your products & services! Plus you will be added to the member directory. [$100/mo Value]

  • First Access & Discounts. You are our biz bestie, of course we are going to tell you first and save your seat for everything!! Get early access and first dibs on all content, courses, programs, podcast episodes, products etc.  

  • All the Surprises. Who doesn't love a great surprise.  Crystal & Amy love to drop extras in the group and in the program portal every month.  

In Case You Were Wondering...

Who is this club for?

This club is for any business owner that is doing their own marketing. There are just times when outsourcing doesn't make sense.

When are the calls?

1st Tuesday: Training  
2PM ET/ 1PM CT/ 12PM MT/ 11AM PT

2nd Tuesday: Talk it Out
2PM ET/ 1PM CT/ 12PM MT/ 11AM PT

3rd Tuesday: Get Shit Done
2PM ET/ 1PM CT/ 12PM MT/ 11AM PT

4th Tuesday: BYOB Networking

What if I miss a call or the call times don't work for me? 

All of the recordings are added to the course portal within 24 hours of the call and can be accessed for as long as you are a member of the club. 

What is the refund/cancelation policy? 

There are no refunds. You can cancel your membership anytime with a 5 day notice before your next billing date. Please note that if you cancel, your membership will stay active until your next billing date.

Can I get one-to-one support?

You can always ask questions inside of the group or during the monthly talk it out call. If you want additional 1:1 support, we can provide that through one of our consulting programs.

So much love in this club...

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